SaaS for Indie Go Engineers
Made Simple

DeploySolo is the SaaS template for Go Engineers and Indie Hackers.
Using PocketBase and htmx, you can easily build and deploy reactive SaaS apps.


Designed for productivity.


Pocketbase is an open-source backend that supports database, authentication, and file storage into a single, easy-to-deploy executable. It also has a beautiful Admin UI to manage your users and database.

Tailwind + htmx

Tailwind provides flexible CSS styling while htmx enables real time content updates. A solution for the front end that couldn't be easier.


Stripe is a developer friendly payment processing platform that simplifies online transactions. It makes it feasible for solo developers to accept payment online with confidence.

Portable hypermedia apps.

Front end frameworks like React take weeks to learn, but can be skipped for most SaaS apps.

Adopting a monolithic, htmx driven web architecture minimizes development complexity. Managable for a single busy developer.

Serve interactive, monetized apps to thousands of users without the headache.


Live server stats using htmx.